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Birka SIM advantages


Transparent fees

Check your Internet, phone call and SMS details via the convenient app. Be in control of your SIM card. You can also top up your account and check-in with customer support via the mobile app.


Freedom from Wi-Fi

Share photos and videos immediately! No more searches for cafes or hotels with Wi-Fi. Birka offers fast and affordable Internet access.

Which Birka card is your favourite?

You will recoup the cost of the SIM over the first few days of your foreign travels. No need to spend inordinate amounts of money to stay connected!

eSIM — $8

eSim is a virtual SIM card, available only for the latest iPhones and Android device models. You will receive a QR code by e-mail upon payment. Scan the QR to install the SIM on your phone.

Classic — $10

Regular SIM card, seemingly similar to analogues. Available in three sizes: nano, micro, and mini.

Birka SIM card delivery

eSIM delivery
Delivery road map esim

You'll receive your eSIM within 2 minutes after payment. Order eSIM anytime from anywhere in the world.

Take full advantage of the Internet in just a few steps:

  • Order eSIM via our site or app
  • Get a letter with a QR code and instructions.
  • Scan the code with the device which will be used for the eSIM.

That's it!
Activate and begin using immediately!

Classic card delivery
Delivery road map classic sim
  • Moscow (within MKAD) and Saint Petersburg (within KAD and ZSD to the west) - 1-2 workdays. Other cities and towns in Russia - to CDEK pick-up stations within 4-8 workdays;
  • Almaty and Astana - by courier service within 1-2 workdays. Other cities and town in Kazakhstan - by registered mail within 3-5 workdays;
  • Turkey - by registered mail within 2-4 workdays;
  • UAE - by registered mail within 7 workdays;
  • Kirgizia - by registered mail within 3-5 workdays;
  • Uzbekistan: within Tashkent - by courier service within 1-2 workdays, other regions - by registered mail within 2-3 workdays;
  • Belarus- 1-2 workdays;
  • Other countries - by registered mail, at least 14 days.

The delivery time does not include the order day.

About France

Official language
Phone code
Largest cities
Paris, Nice, Marseille, Lyon, Strasbourg, Bordeaux, Toulouse, Lille, Le Havre, Toulon, Rennes
Total area
643 801 km²
Exchange rate
1 USD ≈ 0.92 EUR
Hour zone
68 042 591 people (2023y)

Internet and Communication in France

You probably know how important connectiony is in modern travel. The age of instant information sharing and GPS navigation requires constant accessibility to mobile Internet. However, sometimes a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable, difficult or, frankly, undesirable. That's where a SIM card for traveling to France from Birka becomes your trusted companion.

The Use of Mobile Internet

  • Navigation: Traveling in France is like immersing yourself in art and culture. But even the most ardent traveler sometimes gets lost in the many narrow streets and equally narrow alleys of old towns. With our SIM card, GPS is always at your fingertips and you can find your way in seconds.
  • Connect with your family: it's so nice to share your experiences with your loved ones when you see a breathtaking sunset at the Eiffel Tower. Don't get lost in search of Wi-Fi, our SIM card gives you the ability to connect with your loved ones at any time.
  • Work on the move: for businessmen and freelancers, time is money. Our customers often use mobile internet for work tasks outside the office. Important emails, documents and video conferences are accessible even if you are in a café in Montmartre.
  • Social networks and photo albums: yes, you deserve those likes under pictures from Provence or the Louvre. Our SIM card will allow you to instantly share your experiences and beautiful pictures with friends and followers.
  • Backups and cloud storage: Connecting to the cloud for storage is an important aspect of keeping your information safe. Important files are always at your fingertips.

Why «Birka» is Better than French Operators?

  • Easy to connect: Forget about long lines at the offices of local operators. Our SIM card can be ordered online and is ready to go as soon as you arrive in France. Simply insert it into your smartphone or activate it in the app.
  • Convenient payment: We accept payments in a variety of ways, including bank cards, and even cryptocurrency. Choose a convenient option and top up your account at any time.
  • Low prices: traveling has become more profitable. Our tariffs are adapted to the needs of travelers. For example, in France you can use the Internet for only 0.00614 dollars for 1 Mb. It's economical and convenient.

Why Birka is Better than International Roaming?

  • More countries: Our SIM card works in 190 countries around the world. You can use it not only in France, but also in any other country on your trip.
  • Flexible choice of tariffs: don't overpay for unnecessary services, as it happens with bundled offers of mobile operators.

How to Become a «Birka» Customer

Don't miss the chance to make your trip to France even more unforgettable. Get your «Birka» SIM card now. Simply choose a physical or virtual eSIM, activate it in your personal account or in the Birka mobile app, top up your balance and you're ready for adventure! Get access to the most cost-effective, reliable and convenient mobile internet in France and 190 other countries around the world.

Choose a Birka SIM card and leave your communication worries behind to fully enjoy your travels!

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