Client (Referrer) can receive referral amount to bonus account if he promote services of Birka Online to his friends (Referral), who as a result will become a Client of the Company. The procedure is as 3 simple steps.

Step 1: Get referral link

- In order to receive a referral link, the Client agrees to the terms of the referral program, the terms of which supplement the Terms of Use and are fully described on this page.
- If the link is received, but the referral or referrals did not use it to top up the account, the referral program is considered failed.

Step 2: Send a referral link to one or more persons in the invitation to connect to Birka Online services.

- Such persons must not be registered Birka Online Customers. This program does not work for existing clients.
- The invitation to connect to our services must be explicit, understandable and transparent. Potential customers need to understand what they are getting.
- We oppose any marketing efforts that may qualify as spam. By agreeing to these terms, the Client promises not to use spam mailings to attract customers through our referral program. Any liability for violation of this clause lies with the Referrer.
- The link is valid for 1 year from the date of creation.

Step 3: Upon the first replenishment of the Referral's account, the Referrer receives a referral reward to His bonus account.

- The Company does not notify the referrer about the registration process, activation and other actions of the referral. Does not disclose any of his personal information and any of his actions will never be the subject of discussion with the referrer.
- The referrer does not further assume any responsibility for the actions or omissions of the referral.
- The connection and the first top up must be made using the referral link. Otherwise, bonuses will not be credited.
- Referral bonuses for each referral are credited only once.

The referral program is valid provided that the Client has agreed to its terms, including the amounts of remuneration for the referrer and referral, which are published on our website in the announcements section or in the description section of the referral program.

The Referral Program use the terms defined in the Terms of Service of which it is a part. The Terms of Service are posted on our Website. If any of the terms of the Referral Program contradict the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service will prevail.

Birka Online reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify the Referral Program and/or revise these terms, referrer and referral rewards, at any time without prior notice and by continuing to participate in the Referral Program, Users are deemed to agree to any such new or amended terms and conditions.

Publication date: April 22, 2022
Effective: April 22, 2022
Previous version: June 1, 2021