What’s the cost?

We provide only Internet access by default. If you need calls and SMS, check out the mobile number rental service.

Rent mobile number

When should you rent a number?

A mobile number is required for when you find yourself in need of something more than Internet access during travels abroad: messaging and phone calls via messengers and other platforms.

What is the advantage of renting a phone number?

Incoming and outgoing voice calls with stable connections, receiving and sending SMS.

Why is this the best solution?
  • You will remain in contact with friends, colleagues, and loved ones.
  • You’re no longer dependent on messenger operation conditions.
  • Incoming calls and messages are free, a minimal fee is applied to outgoing calls and messages (tariff link).
  • The rented number can be used on one or several Birka SIMs and can be freely transferred between cards.
  • You can return the number once you’re done using it.

Only Birka Global SIM and Global eSIM card holders can rent phone numbers after purchasing a SIM card and verifying your identity.

There are only virtual phone numbers +1 (USA) are available for rent at the moment.