Birka SIM advantages


Transparent fees

Check your Internet, phone call and SMS details via the convenient app. Be in control of your SIM card. You can also top up your account and check-in with customer support via the mobile app.


Freedom from Wi-Fi

Share photos and videos immediately! No more searches for cafes or hotels with Wi-Fi. Birka offers fast and affordable Internet access.

Which Birka card is your favourite?

You will recoup the cost of the SIM over the first few days of your foreign travels. No need to spend inordinate amounts of money to stay connected!

Classic — $10

Regular SIM card, seemingly similar to analogues. Available in three sizes: nano, micro, and mini.

eSIM — $8

eSim is a virtual SIM card, available only for the latest iPhones and Android device models. You will receive a QR code by e-mail upon payment. Scan the QR to install the SIM on your phone.

Birka SIM card delivery

Classic card delivery
Delivery road map classic sim
  • Moscow (within MKAD) and Saint Petersburg (within KAD and ZSD to the west) - 1-2 workdays. Other cities and towns in Russia - to CDEK pick-up stations within 4-8 workdays;
  • Almaty and Astana - by courier service within 1-2 workdays. Other cities and town in Kazakhstan - by registered mail within 3-5 workdays;
  • Turkey - by registered mail within 2-4 workdays;
  • UAE - by registered mail within 7 workdays;
  • Kirgizia - by registered mail within 3-5 workdays;
  • Uzbekistan: within Tashkent - by courier service within 1-2 workdays, other regions - by registered mail within 2-3 workdays;
  • Belarus- 1-2 workdays;
  • Other countries - by registered mail, at least 14 days.

The delivery time does not include the order day.

eSIM delivery
Delivery road map esim

You'll receive your eSIM within 2 minutes after payment. Order eSIM anytime from anywhere in the world.

Take full advantage of the Internet in just a few steps:

  • Order eSIM via our site or app
  • Get a letter with a QR code and instructions.
  • Scan the code with the device which will be used for the eSIM.

That's it!
Activate and begin using immediately!

SIM cards can be bought at train stations, stores, and airports in Turkey. To buy, present your foreign passport with the relevant border control stamps. The attendant will help you install and register the SIM card. To top up, buy cards or pay via the site. Local operators offer only prepaid plans that cost about 100-150 liras per month on average for 10-20 Gb and 1000-2000 minutes within the country. Calls to other regions are offered separately and cost about 5 liras per minute. Russian operators offer much more expensive roaming services. In most cases, travelers who are going to stay in Turkey for a long time choose not to use roaming.

Buy a Birka travel eSIM to always stay connected wherever you go. No need for local SIM cards or Wi-Fi hotspots.

About Turkey

Official language
Phone code
Turkish Lira
Largest cities
Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, Adana, Gaziantep, Antalya, Konya, Mersin
Total area
783 562 km²
Exchange rate
1 USD ≈ 19.85 TRY
Hour zone
84 680 273 people (2021y)

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