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Birka agents, please take note! We’re raising agent commissions!

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If you’re considering becoming a Birka Online agent, then read on!

Starting from March 25, 2022, Birka Online is increasing agent promo code commissions by 35% and user bonuses by 50%. For each newly connected user agents receive 4$. The user who registers with the service using the agent promo code is credited 4$ to the balance.

  • Agent commission: 4$
  • User promo code activation bonus: 4$

Any person or company can become a Birka Online agent, making money while providing clients with a valuable service, especially if you’re working in the travel and tourism industry. We will ensure that tour clients always remain connected and online when travelling around the world. By becoming a Birka agent, you’re not only guaranteeing your clients access to fast and stable Internet but also gaining an agent’s commission of 4$ per new user.

To learn more about the agent program, contact us at [email protected]

We’re always striving to provide our clients with the best possible solutions 🙂.

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